Football Food

I used to love football, all sports really, but mostly football. I’m pretty sure the reason my husband (a true sports nut) fell in love with me was because I bested him in a sports trivia contest. (thank you Babe Laufenberg). These days though, I could find myself caring less and less about sports, unless, of course, one of my children is involved. I just don’t have the time or the energy to keep up with it.

Every now and again, though, my interest in sports is renewed, and it usually has to do with food. The Super Bowl is fun, but what really gets me excited is Super Bowl (you guessed it) FOOD! The Kentucky Derby is the most exciting two minutes in sports, but planning the food for our annual Kentucky Derby Party has me excited MONTHS in advance!

So when my husband asked me to make chicken wings as a ‘snack’ for him and my son to eat while watching the playoffs, you can pretty well bet that he knew I wouldn’t be pulling a bag of chicken wings out of the freezer! A few years ago I was watching The Food Network and Sunny Anderson was making her chicken wings ‘3 ways’. Those wings looked GOOD! The secret, so said Sunny, was the addition of corn starch into the flour. Makes the wings extra crispy! She wasn’t lying! You can find the recipe here. I made the butter sauce and the bbq sauce but stayed away from the zest as the hubs hates anything too citrusy. You might also keep in mind, prior to making these wings, that if you don’t ventilate well your house will smell like Kentucky Fried Chicken for a week!

It was the best darn football game I’ve seen in years! Josh thought so too!