Inspiration Sources

I’m a cook… not a chef, so I don’t come up with my own recipes (though I will often tweak ones I find). Everything on this blog was either sourced from a favorite cookbook, magazine, website, or my mother! So, I thought I’d cover some of my favorite sources for recipes in this post. Lately, my go to source for great, approachable recipes is NY Times Cooking. If you subscribe to the NY Times, you’ll automatically have access. It’s worth every penny just for the recipes, but factor in the great reporting and it’s a real bargain!

I’ve made a slew of recipes during our quarantine from this treasure trove of deliciousness. One of my favorites was roasted Italian sausages with grapes and onions. You heard me correctly. GRAPES. I served it over pan fried polenta. Here’s how I know it was good (other than the fact that it was, objectively, absolutely delicious). Scott said after he finished his second helping, “now that was a good dinner”. You know if Scott takes the time to comment… it had to be pretty spectacular. And the best part of the whole thing, it was just a few ingredients and it cooked in one pan in the oven (other than the polenta). And for the record, I now want to put roasted grapes on everything.

You can find the recipe here.

I’ll share some additional ‘inspiration sources’ in upcoming posts.

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