Next Up in “Cooking During a Pandemic…”

It’s comfort food time. At the end of the first week of ‘self-quarantining’, I needed to replenish our food supplies. On my list I had the basics: ground beef, chicken breasts… you know, the stuff that could power a hundred easy meals. Unfortunately, all that was gone. All that was left were the odd roasts and a pile of chicken thighs (bone in-skin on). Meats in hand, I decided that I would turn the 5lb chuck roast into a big pot of Fasoolia (that’s the phoenitic spelling!) and rice, a traditional Arabic dish I grew up eating, and that everyone in my family loves. This is normally something I would cook on a Sunday, as it takes quite a long time. However, when you are stuck home during a Pandemic, every day is Sunday. Time was on my side.

While the cooking time is somewhat long, the ingredients are few and easily had. Stew meat, green beans, a can of whole tomatoes, a few simple spices, onion and garlic. The end result is greater than the sum of its parts.

How to achieve such a miracle? Well, I enlisted the help of my daughter, and we put together this short(ish) cooking video. Enjoy my first foray into cooking on camera. Forgive my appearance and how often Erin chops off part of my head, we are a work in progress!

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