Breakfast Meditations

I love breakfast. That is all.

Just kidding. I do love breakfast and brunch though. When the kids were younger we’d almost always have a big brunch on Sunday mornings. Pancakes or Waffles, maybe scrambled eggs and hashbrowns, some kind of breakfast meat, fruit salad. When I was feeling really ambitious, homemade buttermilk biscuits. But now I have teenagers. They roll out of bed around noon, not even interested in eating. And when the hunger pains finally start, they want lunch, not breakfast or brunch.

So I’ve learned to satisfy my love of breakfast by just cooking smaller versions. Scrambled eggs for one…

I’ve spent what seems like years perfecting Julia Child’s French Omlette. Two Eggs scrambled, super hot pan, lots of butter… It’s completely delicious. I like to serve it with a little salad on the side, and a recent version featured tomato and avacado. And because avacado, there was lime. I’d read in an article some time ago that eggs are delicious with some kind of acidic element. The article suggested lime juice and zest. That seemed a bit like overkill, so I just used the zest. And let me tell you, your omlette or scrambled eggs will go NEXT LEVEL. It’s delicious.

The second version was born out of a surplus of shredded zucchini. I have just made a loaf of zucchini bread as I have some giant zucchini that I need to work through… story on the zucchini surplus later. No surprise, it has to do with the PANDEMIC.

Anyway, I threw my leftover shreds of zucchini in a pan with some butter and a bit of salt and let that go until some of the moisture from the zucchini evaporated. Added my two scrambled eggs. Finished with some grated parmesan and a bit of lemon zest this time. Those eggs didn’t last long. Gotta run… the teenagers have just come downstairs asking for lunch!

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