Breakfast Meditations

I love breakfast. That is all. Just kidding. I do love breakfast and brunch though. When the kids were younger we’d almost always have a big brunch on Sunday mornings. Pancakes or Waffles, maybe scrambled eggs and hashbrowns, some kind of breakfast meat, fruit salad. When I was feeling really ambitious, homemade buttermilk biscuits. ButContinue reading “Breakfast Meditations”

Next Up in “Cooking During a Pandemic…”

It’s comfort food time. At the end of the first week of ‘self-quarantining’, I needed to replenish our food supplies. On my list I had the basics: ground beef, chicken breasts… you know, the stuff that could power a hundred easy meals. Unfortunately, all that was gone. All that was left were the odd roastsContinue reading “Next Up in “Cooking During a Pandemic…””

Coronavirus for you and you and you

Why not start blogging again… seems like I should be able to put all this “self isolation” to use! A lot has changed since my last post… it’s been almost exactly 8 years since then. In 8 years my little kiddos have become teenagers. I bought a horse. We have another dog. I’m working fullContinue reading “Coronavirus for you and you and you”