World’s Best Snack

We had some good friends visiting this weekend, so in the rush to get everything cleaned/prepped on Friday before they arrived, I neglected to eat lunch. Or breakfast. So by the time the afternoon rolled around and I could stop and catch my breath, I found myself starving, but not wanting to make a meal – because I had a rather big meal planned for that evening. I had picked up a couple of loaves of French Bread from Pasta and Provisions, makers of the best French bread I’ve ever had, earlier in the day. In my purse, I found the small sample of local honey that my friend Kirk from the Farmer’s Fresh Market had given me. And in the fridge, a tub of local, fresh Chevre, also procured from the Farmer’s Fresh Market.

Those three simple ingredients turned into one of the most delicious and addictive snacks I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating!

IMG_1641 IMG_1635

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