Dinner with Friends

Our good friends the Rawlins came for a visit this weekend. We had a great time! The kids were excited to have friends over and they had the rather unexpected treat of almost 4 inches of snow on Saturday!

The best part of having friends over is being able to share a great meal with people you love. I checked out this book from the local library, and in it found a great recipe for traditional lasagna, using a Mario Batali ragu recipe at its base, bechamel, and fresh spinach lasagna noodles. I made the ragu and bechamel as written, but bought the fresh noodles from Pasta and Provisions, because really, why go through the laborious process of rolling out your own noodles, when they can be found right up the road!

The result was rich and glorious!

In process….


Ready for the oven…


The final product!


And for dessert, homemade tiramisu! Instead of using the traditional lady fingers, I made a coffee-infused sponge cake. The result, in my opinion, is a much lighter version of the original tiramisu. The eggs used in the sponge cake and mascarpone cream filling are from local farmers via the Farmers Fresh Market.  The recipe is from www.finecooking.com.


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