It Doesn’t Get Any Fresher!

Sometimes I forget just how lucky I am to be connected to the Farmer’s Fresh Market. Not many (although the numbers are growing) people get their produce the day after it’s picked. Think about it… the produce sitting on the shelves of your local grocery store probably traveled better than 1000 miles to get there. It was picked long before its peak. It languished in a distribution center somewhere. It rode on gas guzzling trucks for who knows how many miles!

Every day I am thankful that I sat down one Wednesday morning with the local paper and read the article on the Farmer’s Fresh Market. I am glad I drove from one side of town to the other to check out the produce that came in the Urban Box. I remember cooking up the contents of the first box… corn and leeks that tasted like the epitome of summer. A tomato sandwich that made me weak in the knees. It’s the highlighted picture on my blog… I still dream about that sandwich!

There’s something really special about having a connection to the land where your food comes from and to the farmers whose lives are dedicated to growing and tending it.

Today, I only shop the produce aisle at the Harris Teeter for those few things I need to fill the snack bag, grapes and bananas usually. And I even feel guilty for that! I’ve come to depend upon what’s local AND in season to nourish my family, and we are all the better for it!

To learn more about the Farmer’s Fresh Market, please (PLEASE) watch the video below!

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