Arugula, Tomatoes, and Chicken… OH MY!

What to do with a bowl full of tomatoes, fresh arugula, and a pasture raised chicken? I found a pasta dish on that I thought sounded really tasty, but improvised just a little bit.

I cored and halved the tomatoes, tossed them with some sea salt, a bit of sugar, and some olive oil, and roasted them at 500* for about 40 minutes. Then after they cooled, I peeled and chopped them (but left them in all their yummy juiciness). I broke down my little chicken into 4 piece and sprinkled those with some sea salt, pepper, and olive oil and roasted those at 375* for about 40 minutes (leaving the skin on/bone in results in really  juicy chicken!).

To make the sauce I sauteed few cloves of chopped garlic with some red pepper flakes in a bit of olive oil, then added the chopped tomatoes and their juice. Added all the chopped up chicken, a splash of chicken stock, and ended up with a delicious (and light) sauce. In a big bowl I tossed the arugula, chicken/tomato sauce, feta and pasta together. What a delicious dinner! Even the kids loved it (minus the arugula… but I’m working on that!) Sorry, no picture, I need to charge my camera!

And because I still have a big bowl of tomatoes left, I’m going to roast some more today, and use as a base for this recipe… which I plan on serving as tacos, instead of an appetizer.

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