The Mall Birthday Party Feast

September is the month of Birthday in this family… 6 in all! Last night we celebrated all the Mall Birthdays with a feast! Almost everything we ate was a product of local farmers!


I butterflied (removed the backbone) two whole chickens and brined one in beer and the other just grilled with a Dijon/thyme rub. The birds were pasture raised in Rutherfordton county, and believe me when I say, the birds you get at the Teeter really shouldn’t even qualify as chickens! These are truly delicious!

I used the sweet potatoes and red pepper from my produce box to make a chili-lime sweet potato salad. And the corn… well, we decided to just enjoy it in all of it’s corn glory. A little note on the corn… this is one of the few times you DON’T want to add salt to the water. Add SUGAR instead and you will bring out the natural sweetness of the corn. Salt your corn right before serving!

I also made green beans with carmelized shallots. The beans were the only thing I made that wasn’t sourced locally.


And finally… the piece de resistance. The birthday cake. Chocolate cake with REAL butter cream frosting. Between the cake and the frosting – I used 8 eggs (and I won’t tell you how much butter). All the eggs came from pasture raised chickens in Rutherfordton county!


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